Habits and Symptoms of a Chain Smoker

Most smokers smoke their first cigarette when they are a teenager, perhaps to be rebellious and to fit in with friends. As time goes on, one cigarette becomes a pack, one pack then becomes two a day. It is difficult to quit smoking once it becomes a part of a person’s daily routine, to relieve stress, after meals or to unwind.

Symptoms of a Chain Smoker

Chain smoking exposes you to various diseases that lower quality of life and may even shorten it by several years. Determining the habits and symptoms of a chronic smoker will help you get on the path to quitting for good.

Chronic smokers not only ruin their health with their habits, their appearance will also change. Nails and fingers of chain smokers have yellow stains caused by constant exposure to tar and smoke from cigarettes. Lips will have a bluish-black colour because of heavy smoking and teeth will have a brownish or yellowish discolouration.

Chain smokers cannot stop smoking every chance they get; it is difficult for them to stop these habits because it is a part of their routine already. They smoke before and after they drink coffee or a meal, they light a cigarette after a stressful day or they use it to ease tension after arguing with a loved one.

Lifestyle Change

Smoking is a difficult habit to stop, but it is possible, many people have done it, you can too. You do not have to completely kick the habit in one day. For some people, it takes small steps to finally stop; they make it a day at a time, one cigarette then one pack at a time.

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