Quit Smoking While Watching your Weight

Quit Smoking While Watching your Weight

Quitting smoking doesn’t mean you have to gain weight. According to MedicineNet.com, even though it’s a fact that most people do tend to gain weight once they quit smoking, there are ways that you can banish the bulge for good. Continue reading further to find out how to do this. Bearing in mind that it is possible to quit smoking while watching your weight if you follow some simple tips.

Keep Your Mouth Busy

You may think that quitting smoking is associated with gaining weight but with some tricks can help you with not putting on those extra kilos but also to change your habits to healthy ones.

  • Brush Your Teeth
  • No Sugar Breath Mints
  • Eat More Veggies
  • Eat small fruits like grapes and berries
  • Go nuts – having nuts in your bag, and replace every time you have the urge to smoke.

Many people are quick to put something in their mouth when they quit smoking. Instead of reaching for the wrong foods reach for healthier alternatives. Accomplish this by chewing regular gum or nicotine replacement gum.

According to the American Heart Association, you can also brush your teeth. This will help to give you a clean mouth feeling and reduce your likelihood that you’ll want to pick up a cigarette.

Another great way to nix your nicotine cravings is to buy some no-sugar breath mints. These will satisfy that urge to stick something in your mouth and leave you with minty fresh breath.

Instead of reaching for high-fat foods reach for veggies, nuts or fruits instead. Some good ones are baby carrots and celery. These are chock-full of nutrients and will help you keep your mind off that cigarette.

Stay Busy and Join a Gym

You can also stay uber busy so you don’t think about smoking. Join a gym and watch the calories melt off.

By following these helpful tips you’ll be well on your way to banishing that bad habit for good and you’ll prevent yourself from packing on the pounds. Need extra help quitting? You can contact us today to find out how to do this.

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