What to do When You Miss the Smoke More than the Nicotine

The path to successfully quitting cigarettes is different for everyone. Some can ease themselves off with nicotine gum while others have to cold-turkey or face failure. Some hold onto their quit with white knuckles and gritted teeth while others accept that they will relapse every now and then. There are those who get it down to one or two a week but never fully shake the habit and those who can apparently quit without batting an eyelash. Your quitting journey will be based not only on your physiological reaction to nicotine withdrawal, but also your personality, habits, and personal self-control. Find what is best for you or what to do when you miss the smoke more than the nicotine is not an easy task and it can be very frustrating too, trying to recognise what are you actually missing.
What to do When You Miss the Smoke More than the Nicotine.

Replacing the Habits

For most of us, quitting is a process of separating ourselves from the lifestyle we have built around smoking. Putting down the cigarettes is only the first step. After that, you’ll need to start replacing all the parts of your life that smoking took up from dealing with frustration to how you hold your hands while socialising. Many smokers miss the mannerisms the most, the act of holding something between your fingers, chewing on it, or using it for emphasis when you’re talking. This is why toothpicks and straws are so popular. But we don’t all miss the same things.

When All You Miss is the Smoke

It’s not unusual for smokers to find that they still miss one or two aspects of smoking, even after years of non-smoking. What may surprise you (or not) is that it’s not the nicotine they miss. It might be the excuse to go outside all the time, or playing with the lighter and seeing that pretty little ember on the tip of the cigarette. For many smokers, however, what we miss most is the smoke itself. Breathing it in, watching it waft through the air as you breathe out. Watching it trickle out of the end of the cigarette and drawing patterns in the smoke as a form of break time entertainment.

If your one biggest temptation to pick up a pack is the desire to play with smoke again, there are two fun alternatives that can give you exactly what you’re missing.

Eliquid Vape Pens

Every smoker and non-smoker in the developed world has heard of e-cigs and vape pens, but the recent industrial explosion has significantly improved the selection, design, and appearance. If you blew off this idea years ago, it’s time to take a second look. In the vape pen business, the term you’re looking for is ‘clouds’. This can refer to clouds of leaf, concentrate, or eLiquid. What you’re looking for is flavoured 0% eLiquid. This can be loaded into a small vape tank and used as a normal pen. When you press the button and inhale, you get a mouthful of delicious vaporized glycerine that can then be exhaled and played with exactly like smoke.

Eliquid clouds are safe to inhale into your lungs but taste best if you hold them in your mouth and breath out your nose. They come in a wide variety of dessert flavours so you can choose your favourite and the bottles are also quite affordable in amounts that can last you anywhere from weeks to months. For anyone missing the mannerisms of smoking, holding and hitting a vape pen is also a great way to give your hands something to do during a conversation.

Whether you have quit but are still tempted by the urge to play with smoke or you are on the fence about quitting because you don’t want to lose your favourite form of artistic expression, consider trying an eLiquid vape pen. The 0% liquid is delicious, nicotine free, and a vape pen can quickly take the place of your old cigarette habit.

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